Water Features

waterfeatureFrom initial layout and installation to ongoing maintenance, we can provide you with the expertise advice and know how to ensure that your water feature is a wonderful, tranquil addition to your home. We install water features such as small gurglers to ponds with waterfalls, streams or pondless waterfalls. Combining your thoughts and our expertise, we can bring your back yard oasis to life. When installing ponds and water features we like to create the entire bio cycle of a pond that occurs naturally. With moving water, fish, plant life and enzymes in the water, your pond will remain clean and free of algae with only minimum maintenance required. Combine these elements with the natural stone used to build your water feature, in a short time your project takes shape and comes to life. By adding underwater lighting your water feature becomes an oasis where you can sit and relax on warm summers evening or entertaining guests with the soft sound of moving water in the background.

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